Festival Highlights

Opening Night Gala
BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM | A teenage girl is forced to choose between her dreams of soccer stardom and her traditional Sikh family in this rousing British comedy full of culture mix and female kicks.

Closing Night Gala
ROBOT STORIES | A brilliant quartet of fables about human foibles and electronic quirks that manages to take us deep into the heart of what makes people–and robots–tick.

Centerpiece Presentation
REFUGEE | The director behind AKA DON BONUS and KELLY LOVES TONY takes us from the Tenderloin to Battambang, following three young men “home” to Cambodia on a journey of self-discovery, maturation and acceptance.

Spotlight on Curtis Choy | This year’s annual Spotlight honors celebrated Bay Area filmmaker and sound recordist Curtis Choy (THE FALL OF THE I-HOTEL) with an on-stage interview by editor Walt Louie, accompanied by clips from his works.

Special Focus
Cinema of the Indian Diaspora | Eight programs of films and videos from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and India that offer a glimpse of the relationship between cinema and identity, and between subcontinent and diaspora.

Music & Video
Directions in Sound | The SFIAAFF’s annual showcase of new Asian American musicians and video artists, Directions in Sound is a revolutionary three-night celebration of the Asian American music underground, featuring live bands, DJs, music videos and much more.

Programs in San Jose (March 14 – 16, 2003)
San Jose | The third annual presentation of the SFIAAFF in San Jose, including an inaugural Opening Night screening and a full weekend of programs, including the Directions in Sound video and music event, back for a second year.

Added Screening
Kung Phooey! | Fighting waiters, Americanized Chinese restaurants and Asian stereotypes take a beating as the star pupil of Shur-Li Temple travels to America in search of the stolen Ancient Peach. A hilarious spoof on the kung fu genre.