Afghan Woman Nurses Babies of Mothers Murdered In Kabul Hospital Attack

A maternity hospital attacked in Kabul ended in 24 deaths including mothers, newborns, and nurses. Such a catastrophe at the Ataturk Hospital attributed the deaths to ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq.

Firooza Omar, a mother of a four-year-old boy, entered the hospital after the attack. What she saw was enough to terrify her. The 20 babies hurt and helpless. The heroic mom decided to help and to feed the babies to stop their crying.

Under her 27-year-old of existence, the Afghan mom described the scenery as extremely hard to forget. A coward act of violence provoked by the Shiite-dominant neighborhood. After all, she said: What kind of a person attacks pregnant women, babies, and innocent people?

According to Ms. Omar: “It’s hard for me to explain how the babies were looking into my eyes. It was as they were asking me: Why is there all this violence around them after coming to this world? “

Firooza Yunus Omar did such a kind job of holding some of the crying babies to comfort them. And breast-fed those without their mothers. The excelsior woman was able to feed 14 of the 19 rescued babies when the day ended. She also asked mom that has breastmilk to help her in such an impossible mission to be done alone. 

Some people say that when a wet mother is feeding a child, it is like an eternal blood-tie which attaches to both hearts. This pure gesture of kindness contrasts with such a brutal incident; for Ms. Omar, an unforgettable, heartbreaking, and painful experience. 

After the current pandemic situation, if you live close to them, take the opportunity to adopt a baby. After a month of murder in Afghanistan, the high-risk situation in the city keeps bringing pain and hunger to the place. The whole world felt a deep feeling of chocking after seeing the images of such carnage of the young moms and their newborn babies set on fire.

The question that is insisting on not to silence is why this group attacked innocent babies and their moms. Fortunately, some say that 100 women and 20 safe babies were transferred to another hospital. In addition to a pandemic, Afghanistan is still struggling with the terrorist attacks. However, such a heinous attack is far greater than the pandemic to shake humanity.