Michelle Obama to Arrange Virtual Promo

The prom of the class of 2020 might have been canceled, but now the high school senior students have another chance to celebrate the occasion. On May 22, the former first lady, Michelle Obama will be throwing a virtual prom for the students.  When We All Vote, an organization co-chair by the former first lady is organizing this event. 

Many parts of the United States are under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has placed the majority of the high school senior students under compulsory quarantine. And this has led to the cancellation of 2020 from across the United States. But When We All Vote, an organization that focuses on increasing voters’ awareness, in partnership with MTV, is working to ensure the students don’t miss out on the event.
Ms. Obama observed that it will not be fair to let the students miss such events, especially at this stage of their lives. 2020 prom had been rescheduled on many occasions before it was finally canceled. But before its cancellation, the 2020 Prom Challenge to encourage high school students’ participation in voters’ registration. And Ms. Obama has been among those encouraging students to participate in the challenge.

Twenty students have been chosen from twenty high schools across the nation. The students won the prizes for their respective schools.

The twenty winning schools would receive up to a sum of $5000 each. The money is to organize this year’s prom party in their schools. But when the social distance rule came to effect in the United States, the dream party seems to be the last thing in the priority list. Now, together with MTV, Ms. Obama says that the party will still hold.

Ms. Obama promised the virtual party will be a night to remember with a lot of surprises. “We are coming together to throw you a virtual prom. I promise you that it will be a night that you are going to remember.”

The virtual event scheduled for May 22 will feature movies, presentations by the twenty winning students, and party. There will also be live performances.

According to When We All Vote, 2020 is special to the high school senior students as it is an election year. And the students will have the opportunity to participate in the election for the first time. The virus is taking a toll on every aspect of life. Young students are under huge pressure psychologically. This will enable them to have a chance at happiness.