Night At The Museum: Man Breaks Into Dinosaur Exhibit to take a Selfie

Luckily, a strange and unique situation happened at night in a museum located in Australia. According to the NEW SOUTH WALES POLICE, an International student broke into the museum to take a selfie with a dinosaur exhibit at night. He comes from Germany and is studying at an Australian university. He climbed the scaffolding to enter. It took him 40 minutes to do what he wanted. He checked almost all lockers and rooms during that time regarding the video materials taken by the camera in the museum. You can watch the video below. Not only he entered the museum to take selfies there, but also he made a theft. He allegedly stole a piece of art which is not so rare and hat which belongs to a staff member.

Det CH Insp San Heaney condemned the action. Fortunately, nobody injured and have serious damage in that case. According to the video, the guy was alone. It is quite possible that he will not face punishment seriously because of no serious damage there. However, it is quite dangerous for him. He could be damaged or come across serious problems regarding health. The reason why he did it has not revealed yet.

There are some myths about why he has done it. Some experts told that he tried to be famous fast among people in this way whereas some people guessed that this situation took place because he could have had a bet with someone on doing it. Both thoughts can be true because nowadays, criminal actions for becoming well-known are on-trend especially among youngsters as well as betting. But, one thing is true the aim was not about the money because exhibits in the museum were not so rare and expensive to sell. 

We should wait for the NEW SOUTH WALES POLICE to give a clear report to know what the genuine reason was. Anyway, he seems to enjoy this situation fully. We can see it on the video materials and thinks himself reached what he had aimed before the action. Whether it is really about the selfie with a dinosaur or not. The purpose of this adventure and crime is still not clear. We will know it soon. Follow us and find out the latest news with us. Young people are doing this type of stunts every day. One reason is to become popular among their social groups. But according to authorities whatever the cause maybe it is still a crime and he will face the punishment soon.