Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a role to play in every industry today and is helping humans ease the tasks that earlier took time and strength. AI is a simulation that is expected to work like humans and mimic human actions. AI can rationalize a task and take actions that will have the highest chances of success. It can help in different operations in different industries.

Real-Life Applications of AI

AI is much more than a calculator today. It consists of computer science, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, and several other domains. AI is capable of replacing humans in every task we perform today. Thus, AI has enough applications to apply in different sectors of research and society. Today we will look at some of the important applications of AI.

Personalized online shopping

eCommerce is on the rise, with new online platforms emerging among users daily. The biggest eCommerce platforms are already implementing machine learning to sort the preferences of their users. The AI can offer recommendations and alterations to the users so they could find what they exactly need. AI can automatically recommend products to the users based on their preferences in the past.

Smart cars

Self-driving cars are finally tested and being sold to customers. Tesla’s autopilot feature allows the driver to let go of the steering while driving. The automatic driving feature is gaining world popularity and can soon be seen as a standard-issue technology in the automobile industry. The AI uses radars, sensors, GPS, cameras, and could services to operate the car. Some of the high-end cars have automatic parking systems that work on AI.


AI  can quickly create surveys and find solutions based on the surveys faster than humans. Marketing is a key area in AI research programs. eCommerce has been in the market for a long time. However, the growth of AI in marketing has also made people a bit skeptical about what they are offered. Yet the AI is helping people to find what they are looking for.

Enhanced images

Cameras and smartphones can use AI to add effects, improve quality, and also offer the best ways to take shots. Cameras can use object identification to create better results. AI can understand what the person is trying to focus on and capture a detailed image of the right object. It can also help add a variety of effects to the picture and videos.

Real-Life Applications of AI

Social media

AI plays an important role in social media today. There are already services that can generate chats, tweets, posts, and so on without any human involvement. AI can use the abundance of data on the internet and use machine learning to create its own posts. It can help brands market their products and services on a timely basis.


AI will be a strong factor in security in the coming years. The most secure locations in the world are still reliant on human security, which can make mistakes. Human error can compromise security and can be a dangerous affair. AI applications in security are meant to provide foolproof security to organizations and information. AI can be trained to recognize threats and take smart measures like calling security officers or locking the facility.

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