The transportation sector is moving into a new era of technology, rising competition in the automobile industry. The companies now have to implement new technologies into their vehicles while remaining a trusted brand in the market. Companies like Tesla and Mercedes are already ahead in introducing smart vehicles. But smart vehicles are not the only thing that the transportation industry is focused on. There are a lot of new trends emerging in the transportation industry that we will mention here.

Trends in the Transportation Industry

Cloud-based system application

The transportation industry is actively working on its cloud-based systems to create convenience for drivers. Platforms like software-as-a-service (SaaS) are used to provide new features in the vehicles. These features will help reach high profitability for the companies, encouraging new driving solutions among drivers.

Integrated travel

The rise of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) has provided better solutions in mobility. Travel is now better and effortless with MaaS solutions that are focused on creating better travel with minimal stoppages. In addition, services like ticketless travel will provide simpler mobility for the passengers. Mobility hubs will also provide better solutions for smart vehicles that can travel easily using MaaS services.

Visibility and Anti-theft

The security sector of the transportation industry is also improving with better keyless systems. The new vehicles will better visibility the GPS with tracking technologies, anti-theft systems, and traceability. The anti-theft GPS will also help in providing real-time locations for trucks and transportation vehicles to keep track of the entire fleet. It will help the companies avoid unnecessary loss due to poor GPS tracking.

Self-driving trucks

Self-driving trucks will solve the problem of stoppages between transportation. Self-driving trucks can help drivers cross heavy traffic, drive automatically on long trips, and reach their destinations faster than before. More companies are equipping their trucks with self-navigation, driverless software, and other features. AI will play an important role in these smart trucks and vehicles.

Regulation compliance

Regulatory compliance is one of the necessary trends in transportation. The transportation companies will need to update their requirements and regulations under the government. It will help the companies provide fair and regulated services to the customers. These regulations include creating electronic logbooks, safety rules, overtime, and other transportation insurance regulations. These regulation compliances will change with time as new technologies get implemented in the transportation industry.

Address delivery

Delivery services will improve with the help of new technology and services. The growth of eCommerce has also increased the demand for address deliveries. The delivery services will become more competitive while adding a fleet of small vehicles embedded with new features to track the addresses and provide doorstep delivery. Even drone deliveries will be in business soon to skip the traffic and provide faster home delivery to the customers. However, drone delivery is still an idea implemented by only a few companies, including Amazon.

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