Social media platforms have become a second home for internet users who spend a fair amount of their daily lives on these platforms. The developers are introducing several new features to make the social media experience better and secure for the users. Snapchat was the first-ever platform to introduce the disappearing stories feature, but now we can see the feature being used in almost all platforms. Social media companies are quick to adapt to new trends in order to keep their audience entertained. These platforms have also become a platform for businesses and brands to socialize themselves. It creates new tasks for the developers as they need to create the right solutions for brand marketing. Let us look at some of the trends in social media that are beneficial for everyone.

The Most Talked Social Media Trends of 2021

Live streams

More people today are used to stream their daily activities than before. Earlier, streaming services were only used by gamers and musicians. Today, more people are live streaming almost anything they do in their lives. Face-to-face meetings, live concerts, QnA sessions, etc., are the new live streaming trends used by influencers and brands.


Instagram stories are used by people every day. More than 500 million users share stories every day to share their day-to-day experiences. Although Instagram stories were popular earlier, today, it is a great marketing approach for businesses as well. Instagram also offers paid stories to increase traffic for the users. This can help brands and influencers to promote their content while paying only for the task that Instagram completes.

VR in social media

We will see diverse applications of VR in the coming years with improved technology. VR is one of the trending technologies that can offer better interaction to users. It can give a sense of actually being in a different place. This is the kind of experience people will look for while keeping social distancing. Facebook has already made tie-ups with Oculus VR to prove a virtual world for people to explore around and connect with others.

AR as a trend

Augmented reality has more practical applications for businesses to guide their customers while using the products and services. AR can become a norm for people with smartphones. Dynamic photo filters are already getting popular. Augmented reality can be highly effective for engagement. More brands are trying out ways they can use AR filters to promote new products.

Social commerce

eCommerce will also become a part of social media. More brands are introducing new ways to explore the products on social media platforms. Instagram already has features and tills that allow quick shopping convenience to the users. People can purchase goods on Instagram from a brand’s page without leaving the application. It can become the perfect tool for small businesses in 2021.

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